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Understanding the Power of Illustration in Advertising and Marketing.

If there is one field that really lives off illustration, it’s got to be advertising. Advertising is an essential component of any business. To promote their products or services effectively, companies need to use a range of visual tools, and this is where advertising illustration comes in. In this blog post, we will explore the origin of advertising illustration and its development over the years.

Advertising illustration took off at the start of the twentieth century with advances in printing. At that time, businesses started to commission some of the most famous artists to create advertising art.

<a href="">Image by vectorjuice</a> on Freepik
Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

The goal of illustrations took a slightly different turn with advertising. More than just clarifying a text or visualizing an idea, advertising illustrations also gave a style to the message and in so, helped grab the attention of the viewer while creating a memorable impression.

As businesses realized the power of advertising illustrations, it became necessary to create a unique visual identity to stand out, a recognizable symbol to represent what the business stands for, a so-called brand image.

A swoosh, golden arches, or just an apple. Those are all very simple shapes and yet we all know which company they symbolize. This instant association of an image to a brand together with the quality we attribute to these brands defines the worth of a brand in itself.

Can you recognize any of the brand on the billboards in the picture below?

<a href="">Image by senivpetro</a> on Freepik
Image by senivpetro on Freepik

There is plenty of advertising websites out there with highly curated selections of adverts but I decided to link the annagoodson agency which connects brands with artists from around the world (psst: do check out Oboh Moses).

Whether it's a print ad or a digital campaign, the right illustration can capture the audience's attention and help convey the message clearly. For aspiring illustrators, developing the skills required for advertising and marketing illustration can lead to exciting career opportunities.

With a focus on creativity, communication, and marketing, illustrators can make a significant impact in the advertising and marketing industry.


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